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A vulnerable version of Rails that follows the OWASP Top 10

A super lightweight HTML, Sass, CSS, and JavaScript framework for building responsive websites

A Javascript Framework for Building Brilliant Applications (development repo)

F# Data: Library for Data Access

A collection of HTML element and attribute style-normalizations

Zepto.js is a minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers, with a jQuery-compatible API

Open Food Facts database and web interface - 🐪🦋 Perl and JS coders welcome 😊

Making awesome, one pebble at a time

Static site generator that supports Markdown and reST syntax. Powered by Python.

Chosen is a library for making long, unwieldy select boxes more friendly.

Web Experience Toolkit (WET): Open source code library for building innovative websites that are accessible, usable, interoperable, mobile-friendly and multilingual. This collaborative open source ...

:airplane: Kickstarting the Offline-First Revolution

Mental Health Knowledge Base

SVG icons for popular brands

Web Starter Kit - a workflow for multi-device websites

Twitter Bootstrap for Rails 5 - 4.x Asset Pipeline

[DEPRECATED] Workshop material to teach Rust in the style of Railsbridge

Javascript HTML5 (Ca)nvas (Man)ipulation

:sparkles: the homepage of @yourfirstpr

Fullest Handlebars.js templating support for Atom and Sublime Text 2 / 3. Also drives syntax colouring on Github and in Visual Studio Code. Install from: and htt...

A better way for new feature introduction and step-by-step users guide for your website and project.

A cheat sheet for rails beginners, taking care of a lot of basic stuff and information. Aimed at helping beginners too look up stuff. Originally created for my RailsGirls project group.