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Octopussy - Open Source Log Management Solution

DuckDuckGo Instant Answers based on Perl & JavaScript

29 sni/Thruk Perl

Thruk is a multibackend monitoring webinterface for Naemon, Nagios, Icinga and Shinken using the Livestatus API.

ack 2.0 is a greplike tool optimized for programmers searching large heterogeneous trees of source code.

Code coverage metrics for Perl

24 kraih/mojo Perl

:sparkles: Mojolicious - Perl real-time web framework

Perl Dancer Next Generation (rewrite of Perl Dancer)

Easy creation of secure SSH configuration for your GitHub account(s)

Web interface for MetaCPAN

19 RexOps/Rex Perl

A framework for server orchestration and to simplify system administration

19 OTRS/otrs Perl

OTRS is one of the most flexible web-based ticketing systems used for Customer Service, Help Desk, IT Service Management. With a fast implementation and easy customization to your needs it helps yo...

Turn your Twitter timeline into a personalised news site, in an instant. Fetches links from your timeline and displays them in a discovery friendly design.