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Yii 2: The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework

A delightful networking framework for iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS.

39 hoodiehq/hoodie JavaScript

:dog: A backend for Offline First applications

A privacy-aware, distributed, open source social network.

Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby

Actor-based concurrent object framework for Ruby

39 chaijs/chai JavaScript

BDD / TDD assertion framework for node.js and the browser that can be paired with any testing framework.

Python library for interfacing with the GitHub APIv3

Doctrine 2 Object Relational Mapper (ORM)

A lightweight, fast and extensible game server for Minecraft

The Julia Language: A fresh approach to technical computing.

Full-stack testing PHP framework

39 nodegit/nodegit JavaScript

Native Node bindings to Git.

A Ruby static code analyzer, based on the community Ruby style guide.

39 chartjs/Chart.js JavaScript

Simple HTML5 Charts using the <canvas> tag

39 moment/moment JavaScript

Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in javascript.

A static website and blog generator

39 processing/p5.js JavaScript

p5.js is a JS client-side library for creating graphic and interactive experiences, based on the core principles of Processing. —

39 aframevr/aframe JavaScript

A web framework for building virtual reality experiences.

The web, with simplicity.

A small strongly typed language that compiles to Javascript

Easy file attachment management for ActiveRecord

39 sequelize/sequelize JavaScript

An easy-to-use multi SQL dialect ORM for Node.js

39 yabwe/medium-editor JavaScript WYSIWYG editor clone. Uses contenteditable API to implement a rich text solution.

Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites

JavaScript Robotics and IoT programming framework, developed at Bocoup.

A Dependently Typed Functional Programming Language

39 npm/npm JavaScript

a package manager for javascript

Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead. A fork/variant of Cataclysm Roguelike by Whales.

39 Unitech/pm2 JavaScript

Production process manager for Node.js apps with a built-in load balancer